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Unlike other sourcing agents, we only focus on a few categories. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we found people have a huge demand for disinfectant sprayers, so we contact all ULV sprayer supplies, and select the best ULV sprayer to our customers.

Except for helping you “buy it right”, we also help you “sell it more”, which means we also provide added value like, product branding(manual and color box design and printing), FBA labeling, Shopify store development, etc.

During the post-pandemic time, we know you can not visit China, but we are here to help you as your dedicated sourcing team in Canton.

Patrick Chen
Patrick ChenFounder
Maple Chen
Maple ChenSourcing Agent
Cher Xu
Cher XuSourcing Agent
Mike Yuan
Mike YuanSenior Designer

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